Victor A. Pozzi Scholarship Program

One of the main goals of this foundation was to establish a scholarship program that would reward and assist young future members of the fire service.  The Windsor Fire Foundation has worked for a number of years with both the Santa Rosa Junior College and with the Windsor High School to establish the application process, the minimum requirements and the selection process.  This goal came to fruition in February of 2011 when the Vic Pozzi scholarship was awarded to Gabe Candiotti- Pacheco.

Blake Ratto has been selected as the 2013 recipient of the Vic Pozzi Scholarship award.  Blake is a long time Windsor resident and and is currently applying his knowledge and skills in Healdsburg where he started as a fire explorer and is now a part time fire fighter.  Blake is pictured above with Fire Chief Doug Williams as well as the foundation’s scholarship name sake Victor Pozzi.